Sayings, Facts and Quotes about Women

From things we always thought were true, to intriguing things, to facts that are completely pointless (but are good to know anyways), there are so many funny facts about women out there that we had to pick only the cream of the crop. And for all the women out there are that may be worried that we might poke a little fun at you, rest assured, that we absolutely will. But it will be all in good taste, because I have a girlfriend who might read this, and I would like to continue having a girlfriend, so don’t worry.

As I’m sure you have already figured out by now, today are listing some humorous and appealing facts and quotes about women. They won’t be in any particular order, so just dive right in. If there are any single men out there that are hoping to use some of these facts, quotes and sayings to woo that special lady and would like a little help in the dating department, feel free and put our work to good use making your women feel loved and admired.

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